Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can your manual boost controller perform as well as an electronic unit?

A: Yes, and in most instances it will spool the turbo faster than many of the expensive electronic units. As much as 600 rpm faster to full boost.


Q: Can I have cockpit control of my boost with a manual controller?

A: Yes, we now have available 3 new kits to control boost from inside the car. The Evolution RX, The Evolution, and an add-on Cockpit Controller Cable that fits all previous model Hallman boost controllers, except the ES kit.


Q: What if I want to turn my boost up or down for different gas (pump vs. race)?

A: We recommend that after you get boost set for where the car performs well on pump gas that you put an index mark at tdc on the adjustment knob. Then after you set your boost for race gas, do the same thing so that you can easily adjust the knob for the boost level that you want.


Q: Can I just install a boost controller and turn up the boost safely?

A: In most instances, no. We recommend that you have a performance cat-back exhaust system and a low restriction air filter. These mods will insure that when boost is added your motor can breath to get the air in and the exhaust out.


Q: Is the stock boost gauge in the car accurate?

A: No. We recommend that you have an aftermarket gauge to properly know where your boost is at stock and to accurately know how much you are increasing it.


Q: Is your boost controller a bleeder valve?

A: No. A bleeder valve type controller creates a leak in the line running to the wastegate. The larger the leak the more boost you get, but the larger the leak the more turbo lag you will get as well. Our kit blocks the signal before the wastegate until the internal spring pressure of the valve is overcome. At this point the signal can reach the wastegate and open it. Since the internal spring pressure is adjustable, you can increase boost. Since there is no leak with this system the turbo will spool as quick as it can for its size.


Q: Can I lower my boost with a boost controller?

A: No. With any boost controller you can only raise boost above what the factory actuator is set for.


Q: How much horsepower can I gain from raising my boost?

A: With the addition of a performance cat-back exhaust and a low restriction air filter you can have up to a 50 hp gain depending on the size of the factory turbo. With a larger turbo(s), a built motor and proper fuel management it is not out of the question to double or even triple the factory horsepower.


Q: Can weather changes affect a manual boost controller?

A: Bleeder valve type boost controllers are very susceptible to temperature and barometric changes which cause changes in boost levels. Our boost controller is not a bleeder valve, since it controls boost by internal spring pressure and that spring pressure is not affected by weather changes. Therefore boost will not be affected by weather changes.


Q: Will your boost controller fix problems I am having with my boost?

A: That depends what is causing the problem. If the problem stems from the current controller then yes, it can fix the problem. It will not fix boost creep, which is when the wastegate cannot vent enough exhaust to control boost. This problem is where boost continues climbing past where you have set it. Another problem it will not fix is when the turbo is physically too small to hold higher boost levels in the upper rpm's. This is where boost will reach the level that you set it to and then start to fall off as rpm's increase.


Q: If I were to purchase an electronic unit, which one would you recommend?

A: If you want an electronic unit, we would recommend the HKS EZ. It is fairly reasonably priced and works very well.


Q: Do I need to have a turbo to have a boost controller? (It has been asked…)

A: Yes.


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